Thursday, 28 December 2017

beach day

on chistmas me and my family went to the beach at 6.00 o clock in the moring then we went off then when we got there we set up for the day . after that we all had a snack  then we had breakfast then at say about 10 or 11 me and my aunty and my cushion and my brother's went for a walk to the rock's to find some crab's then we went  back  to the tent then  we wnet for a swim after that we we went back to tent and had some thing to eat . then after that me and my granddad went for swim too then me mum then my aunty . 

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  1. Hey there Devontae, it's cool how you've been posting blogs during your school holidays. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas Day. I wish I could have spent Christmas Day at the beach, it sounds like a nice day. I hope the weather was good.

    What sort of food did you have with your family?

    Thanks, Billy