Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bouncy castle

On Friday the school went on the bouncy castle. Me and Ben watched people go down the bouncy castle slide. Toby was like a  penguin when he was on his  tummy . It was fun watching Toby do the penguin. I didn't have a turn because I was just  playing soccer. I ilkeed soccer because we won the soccer game.

Thursday, 25 June 2015


On Tuesday Room 13 went to basketball in the hall. Our coaches names are  Coach Vinnie and Coach Shenice.

When  we arrived we played warm up games. They are octopus and line tiggy.

Coach Vinnie and Coach Shenice taught us lots of skills like v dribble. We learnt these skills because they are helpful for basketball

At the end we played the shooting game. It was Girls vs Boys and if one team wins they get to do aeroplanes.

Kiwisport is the best sport. I like our Coach Vinnie and Coach Shenice .

Thursday, 18 June 2015


Matariki is a time to siabrea  mtariki is so cool because of the late 

Mr bean.

 The fat old lady barked and pointed at the long grass with her walking stick. “Cut the grass, Mr Bean” she shouted while looking at the old lawn mower. Reluctantly, Mr Bean headed over to start the rusty old machine.

“Splutter splutter” Smoke poured from the mower. Mr Bean looked around, he wasn’t one for hard work. He knew there had to be an easier way. Out of the corner of his eye Mr Bean noticed the cage full of little bunny rabbits.

Picking some grass Mr Bean walked over to the cage and gave a bunch to the rabbits. Quickly they gobbled up the sweet treats. Now he had an Idea.

Tinkering  in his shed mr bean created the perfect tool for a rabbit lawnmowa. After setting the  rabbits to work he reiaxed back in his cnair  dinking a cool glass lemonade.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Girl and robot

Clang, clang went the tools in the quiet, dark factory. Metal lay across the floor while

,pipes traied across the  beams and ceiling hard at work the inventor knew that her dream was possible .

Something was wrong it should work.the robot should spring into life thinking thinking thinking a twist here a slight adjustment to there . Full steam ahead.