Thursday, 1 September 2016

devontae weelbarrow

PES Olympics Wheelbarrow Race!
WALT: write an interesting recount by writing about our feelings and the feelings of others.
WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.y

Introduction: Who, Where,What, When?

 when we were in the breeze me and my friend Leone and me were lining up to start the race . And the snores person had to go to the back .

WHo cheated. Why was it cheating. How I felt about the cheating.

It was cheating because they used the wheelbarrow.  I felt angry because the boys had to use their hands   after my race mr baxendine  chose  me  to go into the  wheelbarrow  with a gopro on my head .   selone got to go into the  wheelbarrow with a go pro . the winner was the person in the wheelbarrow and i real winner was  sione and  villinai .

What happen during the race.

In the race, there were people watching them having a race. When the race started there was people falling down and people dragging their team mate to the finish line. The person who was carrying the other person was getting tired and sweaty. Leone and Jez was being stupid to the camera.

Conclusion: Feelings about the race/cheating.

i was angry because i knew that someone was going to go into the wheelbarrow  and i was scared because  me
and  leone  was going to came last .

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