Wednesday, 19 October 2016

devontae into the cave


Start Writing Here:  Once there were three people and there  names were Bob, Ricky  and Jake. They saw a dark cave then one of them saw a pot of gold. Then they came up with a plan to get out of the cave.  Then one of them saw a very dark cave so he went into it then he saw some food then he eat it .

Then they tried to get out but there was a sake  then they tried to get out but there was no were out so they find so tools then they started ding on the way they saw a big trick then when they sloped for 1 day then they started ding . but then they saw a arm then they turned on they flashlight then they went into a dark cave and then they went down the bridge .

Again and again and again finally they got out of the cave then they saw a car so they went home then when they got home they saw their  kids and had a hot tea .